RoadSave: The app that could save your life in a serious car crash

RoadSave rebranded from CrashDetech

RoadSave which was also known as CrashDetech before it was rebranded is a smartphone app designed by Johannesburg- based entrepreneur Jaco Gerrits. The artificial intelligence app operates while a user is driving and it detects gravitational force and sudden motion of a car crash. The app automatically pinpoint the location of the accident and automatically calls an emergency center that will dispatch the nearest medical emergency team. It offers more other services that helps on reducing waiting time to save lives.

RoadSave offer other options for car insurance which has 4 packages namely:
  • Basic (Free)
  • Classic (R49/pm)
  • Premium (R99/pm)
  • Elite (R139/pm)

Other services of RoadSave are:
Below are the sources of CrashDetech before rebranded to RoadSave from other platforms:


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